Who Is The Best Hair Transplant Doctor?

Who Is The Best Hair Transplant Doctor?
Who is a Hair Transplant Specialist?

Hair transplantation is getting easier day by day. However, this situation applies to experts and professionals. Who can have a hair transplant? Who is authorized for hair transplantation? How is the best hair transplant doctor determined?

Hair Transplant Specialist is the person who achieves the best results with appropriate technique, method and condition. Specialists take hair follicles from the hairy parts of the neck of the patient to the bald areas on the head and perform the transplantation.

These people must have the necessary training and high level of competence in their field.

What Does a Hair Transplant Specialist Do? What are the Duties of the Hair Transplant Specialist?

The best hair transplant doctor has many features in the industry. Hair transplantation procedures are included in aesthetic surgery applications. Turkey can be done according to the law plantation in the cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist with the information taken from.
The best hair transplant doctor is the person who thinks that an extremely careful and meticulous work should be done in hair transplantation. Below you can find a list of the duties and responsibili-ties of the Hair Transplant Specialist who needs to take action.
° Examining the patient's hair and skin before hair transplantation.
° To make various analyzes before the procedure,
° To ensure that the general health status of the patient is controlled,
° To determine the width of balding areas,
° To investigate whether the hair follicles to be taken are suitable for shedding,
° Trying to respond to the needs of patients by performing an examination,
° To make a hair transplant at an appropriate time,
° To inform the patient in detail after hair transplantation,
° To ensure that situations such as alcohol consumption, blood thinners are stopped before and after hair transplantation,
° Washing the hair after the operation,
° Performing controls of patients in certain periods.
° Working with the best hair transplant doctor

How to Become a Hair Transplant Specialist?
Hair Transplant Specialist Training

Universities do not yet have a relevant department to become an expert in hair transplantation. In order to be the best hair transplant doctor, it is only necessary to get education in the Medical Facul-ties of the universities. As a university department and ÿeld, people who specialize in ÿelds such as Aesthetic Surgeon, Plastic Reconstructive can work in places such as hair transplantation center or their own clinic.

How to prevent mistakes caused by unconscious hair transplantation?
How to ÿnd the right hair transplant specialists?

The FUE technique is only one of the e˛ective methods for hair transplantation climate. It is not necessary to be the best hair transplant doctor in the country to apply this technique. Just as we just mentioned, it is an important point to learn his job adequately rather than being the best hair transplant doctor.

Having thick hair rejuvenates you and gives you self-conÿdence. One of the reasons for choosing the best hair transplant doctor lies in the good success of this procedure. On the other hand, hair trans-plants that are not performed by the best hair transplant doctor, unfortunately, are the cause of scary stories and horrifying photos. These images, which are not performed by the best hair transplant doctor, increasingly come across in our lives.
These erroneous procedures can return from this point by the best hair transplant doctor. Our hair transplant doctors have the chance to correct the wrong procedures after the control.

What are the methods that will ensure the success of the operation and the best results? We have summarized the important points you need to pay attention to while looking for the best hair transplant doctor, a well-known and experienced place.

What Are The Reasons Caused by an Inexperienced Hair Trans plant?

Procedures that are not performed by the best hair transplant doctor may cause unsatisfactory results as a result of certain factors.
It is not normal for the hair to look unnatural. This can lead to serious medical risks or skin damage. In most of the operations that result in such a situation, the inexperience of the doctors stands out. What is really weird is that some companies that produce FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant materials market their equipment to companies that are not the best hair transplant doctors and do not have enough experience and experience.

The best hair transplant doctor is the fact that the companies that do hair transplantation in their own clinic do not have a certiÿcate of competence and market them to plastic surgeons, dermatologists, medical spas and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinics.
Especially for those who want to determine the question of who is the best hair transplant doctor in the private sector, we mention below the important points to consider.

Choosing the Best Hair Transplant Doctor with Experience is
ßImportant for Good Hair Transplantation.

Although hair transplantation performed by the best hair transplant doctor is a minimally invasive procedure, it is still a medical operation that requires surgical expertise. People who are the best hair transplant doctors are an experienced community of specialists who can make the correct diagnosis to the patient. It is extremely important to undergo the examination by the best hair transplant doctor in order to ensure his own health.

Before the hair transplant procedure, it is important to know and apply how important it is to open thousands of channels frequently and have the doctor know about the appropriate anesthesia and doses.

Hair transplant operations have started to become one of the important operations performed since 2010. If hair loss continues after years of your hair transplant operation performed with the best hair transplant doctor, more than one hair transplant may be required throughout your life.

With the best hair transplant doctor, forward planning and a qualiÿed doctor can perform two or three successful hair transplants for you. The most experienced and best hair transplant doctor is the one who only performs hair transplant operations. Since the companies that apply many di˛erent procedures do not show expertise on a single subject, it is necessary to apply them amateurly. You should deÿnitely stay away from clinics dealing with this kind of shale.

One of these sectors compared to clinics abroad in the cause of so much ahead of Turkey and that this is also important. As expressed in the statement of "someone who does everything he can but cannot be an expert in any of them"; Of course, you will want to ÿnd an expert while the situation is as important and personal as your appearance.

Artistic Talent

The most creative side in hair transplant operations is how high the artistic side of the chosen doctor is. Before hair transplantation, the structure and direction of your hair growth are determined in the examinations performed by your doctor. At the end of this process, the existing process will be applied in accordance with you, without damaging the natural structure of the hair.

As a result of the researches made for your hair follicles and the results obtained, all hair follicles are placed in their place one by one and carefully, without deteriorating the dynamic structure of your hair. If you want to ÿnd the best hair transplant doctor in real terms, it will give you an idea to look at the before and after photos of the hair transplant operations they have performed in the past.

Points to Consider While Searching for a Renowned Clinic

When starting to do research on the internet, take into account the red ˝ags that are "alarm signals". Before having a hair transplant, you need to do a very good research on the existing clinics. It plays an important role for you to search for previous patient comments and doctors about the clinic you have assigned, and to read other comments on other websites.

Stay away from people who say they are currently doing unreal applications such as hair cloning / reproduction. When you go to the clinic, check if the person who greeted you and explained the practices is a doctor. Learning the contact addresses and websites will beneÿt you.

In almost all medical operations, the patient and the doctor meet one-on-one. Regardless of the method, each method is speciÿcally explained by the doctor.

° Do they only provide services for hair transplantation or do they perform procedures in di˛erent areas?
° Have the reasons for your hair loss been determined?
° Are You a Suitable Candidate for Hair Transplantation?

When looked at, fue or fut technique is not applied to every patient. Hair loss is not just genetic. It a˛ects hair loss in some medical conditions. In this case, when the hair is transplanted, your new hair will continue to fall out. In order to obtain the most e˛ective results, the existing hair in the donor area must be su˙cient.
If the hair band does not have a su˙cient number of donors, successful results may not be obtained from the existing procedure. If you are not a suitable candidate for the Fue or Fut technique, there are still several methods available for you. One of them is Plasma therapy.

Participating in Price Negotiation

The best hair transplant doctor, of course, price is an important factor that a˛ects your decision, but we have seen that turning to a cheap option can also result in disaster. A hair transplant procedure with the best hair transplant doctor is a procedure that will remain an integral part of you for the rest of your life.
The person we call the best hair transplant doctor may not be the most chosen one. The best hair transplant doctor is the doctor who cares for his patients and can make calm and clear explanations for their fears.

However, don't let a very high price a˛ect you. The best hair transplant doctor is not the person who works at the highest price. Another issue we researched for you is the real elements that determine quality. Due to healthcare costs, some countries keep the price of a hair transplant operation very high as the best hair transplant doctor.
As noted, the quality for the price you can not therefore always re˝ect the cost of health care is lower than the average of the opportunities o˛ered by countries such as Turkey and beneÿts from a doctor that gives you conÿdence along with expertise.


Our hair has an extremely important place in terms of our appearance and body image. In addition to re˝ecting our character, it also plays a decisive role in people's attitude towards us. On the other hand, it also expresses how we interact with others, as it also has an impact on our self-esteem.
A proper and e˛ective hair transplant increases a person's self-conÿdence in their social life at a very high rate. On the contrary, as a result of a bad hair treatment, the social life of the person can fall completely. Understandably, people who are victims of such a situation can become depressed as a result of the stress experienced and even isolate themselves from the society.

Physical symptoms that may arise as a result of the procedure include unsightly scars, cysts, pimples and itching. You now know what to avoid so you don't turn your life into a nightmare. As long as you invest in yourself with good research, you can conÿdently submit yourself to a trusted professional.