What should be the lying position after hair transplantation?

Although there is a recovery period of at least 1 year in people who have undergone hair transplantation, the first 10 days are considered the most sensitive period.  During this period, you must protect your head from all kinds of impact, contact and impact.  Since ten days is the minimum time required for hair follicles to adhere to the canal, contact of the relevant area with hands and pillows should be avoided after hair transplantation.

The first night after the hair transplant is very important.  After the operation, when you lie down completely, swelling may occur in the hair transplant areas.  On the first night, you should sleep at an angle of 45 degrees, supporting your back with two pillows.  In this way, you can both protect your head from contact with the pillow and prevent the anesthetic drugs used during the operation and the serum injected into the scalp from staying on the scalp.

You should continue to sleep on your back and upright for a while.  Sleeping on your face is also inconvenient.  Sleeping on a recliner is the best way to protect your hair.  By paying attention in this way, your sleep will continue for a period ranging from 5 days to 14 days.  You can find out the exact time by consulting your doctor.