What Is The Ideal Age For Hair Transplantation ?

For hair transplantation, 20 to 65 years is a suitable period. There is no age limit for hair transplant operations. The problem of hair loss begins genetically at an early age in most people and can last until old age, but the earlier measures are taken against hair loss and the earlier treatment is started, the more positive the result will be. It is very important that people who experience hair loss problems at a young age start treatment as soon as possible and apply to a specialist dermatologist.

Hair loss that begins at the front of the hair is a condition that needs to be intervened immediately, especially because hair loss that begins at the front is considered the beginning of the problem of baldness. Hair transplant procedures are not limited to applying hair only on the scalp. At the same time, hair transplantation surgery produces effective results for beard, moustache and eyebrow loss.

Who Is The Eligible Candidate?

There are no age restrictions for hair transplant surgery. If you have a hair loss problem and there is a noticeable dilution of about 50% in this hair loss problem, you can immediately start making the necessary negotiations for hair transplant surgery by consulting a specialist. In general, the result of early hair transplantation can be more effective. The most important detail in hair transplant surgery is whether the hair loss that occurs continues. If we give an example of this issue; although male-type hair loss is a condition of hair loss with continuity, the loss slows down at about the age of 40. Hair Transplantation the hair loss process is performed before the loss is complete. Transplantation hair loss process will continue to be newly  hair loss is likely to be lost and Additional Sessions may be needed.

Is it suitable for everyone?

Hair transplantation is performed with tissue taken from a healthy hair root, so the earlier the procedure is performed, the more effective the result  is the hair does not lose its vitality. The more dense and vibrant the hair on the back of the neck, the more successful the hair transplant surgery is.