What is IceGraft Hair Transplant Technique?

What is IceGraft Hair Transplant Technique?

IceGraft hair transplantation technique is the process of keeping the hair follicles from the donor area in cold pad solutions so that they do not lose their vitality and die. Tissue and cell loss is prevented by keeping the grafts in a cold and special solution.

How Is IceGraft Hair Transplantation Performed?

IceGraft hair transplantation method is a technique applied before hair transplantation and aims more efficient results than other hair transplantation methods. In the IceGraft technique, the graft taken from the nape of the patient is kept in a refreshing and strengthening solution. The hair strands are then subjected to a cooling process.

This procedure, which is applied before hair transplantation, prevents tissue and cell loss of the grafts and ensures that the hair follicles remain alive for a long time. In order to get the best results in the IceGraft hair transplantation method, the temperature must be fixed and adjusted correctly. In hair transplantation with the Icegraft method, the results are more efficient and the transplanted hair is also thicker. The hair follicles taken from the donor areas are kept in the IceGraft solution, which has strengthening and revitalizing properties, and the hair transplantation process is started.

People want to achieve a natural hairline appearance with Ice Graft hair transplant operation. This is a situation that can vary depending on the hair transplantation center. With experienced doctors, patients feel safer and successful results are obtained.

Why Hair Transplantation Should Be Performed With IceGraft Method?

Hair loss causes psychological problems, aesthetic concerns and lack of self-confidence. After people who have IceGraft hair transplantation start to get results, their self-confidence begins to come back. In this way, they can establish more successful communication in business and social life. Hair transplant treatment is preferred by people who need to look dynamic and aesthetic.

Natural and Permanent Hair

This hair transplant technique is different from other techniques. It allows you to get more permanent results in a short time after hair transplantation. The grafts are placed one by one into the hair follicles with special micro motors under local anesthesia. The main point of this technique is that the hair follicles are treated by shock and stored in a special environment. In this way, the hair transplantation process becomes more efficient.

Who Can Have IceGraft Hair Transplantation?

IceGraft hair transplantation method is recommended for patients with intense hair loss. The most important advantage of the IceGraft hair transplant technique is that it enables more hair follicles to be transplanted with one application.

It is especially applied for patients who need between 3000-6000 grafts. However, in some cases, IceGraft hair transplantation method is not recommended. IceGraft hair transplantation is applied to patients with intense hair loss.

How Long Does IceGraft Hair Transplantation Take?

IceGraft hair transplant technique is an important factor for the success of hair transplantation. It keeps the hair follicles alive and has the ability to grow back after transplantation. It is one of the most important points of this type of surgery.

It is known that each operation has its own conditions and duration. IceGraft hair transplantation process also takes between 4-6 hours. If the temperature in the operating room is high, it can affect the bulbs. Also, if the surgery lasts longer than the life of the bulbs, it is very likely to fail.

In addition, hair bulbs are enriched with biotin, which is a growth-promoting substance. Thus, it preserves the viability of the bulbs and increases cell growth. Both low temperature and alcoholic ingredients resist the bulbs damaging free radicals. Therefore, it also protects the grafts.

Is There Any Pain After Surgery?

It may vary depending on the technique used. Since the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, patients do not feel pain. The recovery period after the surgery is quite short. Patients should consider the doctor's recommendations after surgery.

IceGraft Hair Transplant Features

• One of the biggest and most important advantages of this hair transplant technique is that it provides more comfort to the patient during treatment compared to other techniques.
• The doctor is in no hurry to finish the treatment, which means that there is not much stress on the patient and healthcare staff.
• Hair transplantation gives better results if the IceGraft hair transplant technique is used.
• In addition, the success of the procedure will be high due to the safe bulbs and keeping the roots alive. This will result in new hair when transplanted into the desired area.
• IceGraft hair transplantation technique is used to protect the hair follicles waiting for hair transplantation in most clinics. This provides greater success opportunities for hair transplant surgeries.
• After the hair bulbs are placed in the bald areas, they adapt to body temperature and begin to grow. The IceGraft technique has a low temperature and anti-inflammatory effect. It has a positive effect on both the healing time and the growth of the hair follicles.

What are the advantages?

• IceGraft hair transplantation technique is suitable for almost every hair type.
• The number of hair follicles taken with this technique is higher.
• In the IceGraft hair transplantation process, the structure of the hair follicles protected in a specially formulated solution is strengthened and the life of the hair is extended.
• There are no stitches or scars in the IceGraft hair transplant technique. With this technique, body hair can also be removed. Beard, mustache and hair transplantation can be performed.

What are the disadvantages?

• In Icegraft hair transplant operation, the hair should be shaved completely.
• In the Icegraft hair transplantation method, up to 6000 hair follicles can be taken and transplanted into the areas where the patient has hair loss. This causes the processing time to take longer than other hair transplant methods.
• In this technique, hair follicles are taken from more areas and hair transplantation is applied to a wider area. This increases the dose of local anesthesia used.

The Difference Between IceGraft Hair Transplantation and FUE Hair Transplantation

The IceGraft hair transplant method is actually not a technique independent of the FUE technique. Ice graft technique is an application difference within the FUE technique. Hair transplantation is done with the FUE technique.

The difference of IceGraft hair transplantation technique from other techniques is that the grafts taken are kept in a cold solution. It is a procedure performed in order not to lose their efficiency during grooving application after hair follicles are removed. This special method can be used not only for hair, but also for procedures such as eyebrow and beard transplantation. The IceGraft FUE technique has no negative effects.