What Are The Necessary Vitamins For Healthy Hair?

What Are The Necessary Vitamins For Healthy Hair?

Whether there are care secrets of healthy and vibrant hair has been debated for many years. However, just care is not enough to have admirable hair. In the absence of a nutritional list that supports taking vitamins and a healthy lifestyle, the results are unfortunately not long-lasting, even if hair care is done regularly. For this reason, hair with broken ends, sensitive scalp, damaged hair strands, breakages and other problems are encountered.

Vitamin E Supplement in Hair Care

One of the most important vitamins for both skin and hair is vitamin E. This vitamin is to help the formation of new hair cells and provide cell repair. In other words, vitamin E has an important place in order to achieve a healthy hair growth. In vitamin E deficiency, the body cannot receive the necessary supplements, so the hair strands are easily broken and the existing hair strands begin to fall out.

 Vitamin E regenerates hair cells. It helps to give the moisture needed by the hair to the hair. This ensures that the hair is flexible. Vitamin E is mostly found in dried apricots, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, fish, parsley, cabbage, celery, spinach and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin B7 Supplement in Hair Care

Vitamin B7, which is also called vitamin H or biotin, enables hair to gain volume and have a solid structure. In vitamin B7 deficiency, scaling occurs on the scalp and hair loss occurs. Vitamin B7 is also said to prevent premature graying of hair.

Biotin is mostly found in vegetables such as egg yolks, baker's yeast, almonds, mushrooms, avocados, bananas, walnuts, peanut butter, oats, cauliflower. It is especially beneficial for people with hair loss problems to take precautions against vitamin B7 deficiency.

Vitamin B12 Supplement in Hair Care

B12, one of the important vitamins among hair vitamins, is a factor in DNA formation. Its main task is to carry oxygen to the cells. In case of vitamin B12 deficiency in the body, hair follicles stop growing because they cannot get enough oxygen. Since the necessary supplements for the hair are not taken, premature graying and hair loss are observed in the hair. Vitamin B12, which accelerates cell division and development, is necessary for healthy hair, so you need to get enough vitamin B12 in your diet.

Red meat is the food that contains the most vitamin B12. There is also a significant amount of vitamin B12 in seafood, eggs, yoghurt, milk, cheese and yeast. This vitamin required for hair also helps iron absorption in the body.

Vitamin B3 Supplement in Hair Care

Vitamin B3 enables you to have lively and shiny hair. Vitamin B3 is also of great importance in the energy production of the body and adverse situations may occur in its deficiency.

When enough vitamin B3 supplements are made, blood circulation in almost all parts of the body is accelerated. Vitamin B3 positively affects hair growth rate. Foods rich in B3 are chicken breast, tuna, avocado, mushrooms and turkey.

Hair Care Products with Hair Vitamins


Minoxidil is used to treat hair loss. It is the active ingredient in Rogaine, a topical solution that is applied to a specific part of the body. Minoxidil was originally used solely as an oral medication to treat high blood pressure. It turns out to have an interesting side effect on hair growth and reverse baldness. A topical solution containing 2% minoxidil was created and started to be used only in a hair loss treatment.

How is Minoxil Applied?

It is not known how Minoxidil, which contains hair vitamins, promotes hair growth. Those skilled in the art have found that minoxidils dilate the blood vessels around hair follicles. Experts believe that it increases the nutrient supply and promotes hair growth.

About half of the men taking minoxidil noticed that male pattern baldness had slowed significantly, although about 33% did not see any change.

Using Minoxidil as early as possible is the most important detail. The best results are seen in people with fine hair. When the drug is discontinued, hair loss may increase if its use has been long.

What Are The Side Effects?

Irritation and drying of the skin are the most common side effects. Large amounts of minoxidil can cause headache, irregular or rapid heartbeat, blurred vision, and chest pain. Any patient with heart disease and suffering from hypertension should consult their doctor before starting treatment.


Biotin, one of the B vitamins, is a water-soluble vitamin. Biotin is also known as the hair vitamin among the people. It plays an important role in the formation of many tissues, especially skin, hair and nail structure. Biotin is a vitamin needed for the functioning of different metabolisms in the body. Excess biotin is excreted from the body through the urinary tract and is not stored.

Does Biotin Grow Hair?

According to some researches, it has been observed that biotin, one of the hair vitamins, can grow hair. In a scientific study conducted in 2015, women with thinning hair were divided into two groups: the first group received an oral marine protein supplement containing biotin twice a day for 90 days, and the second group received a placebo.

Digital images of the affected areas of the scalp were taken at the beginning and end of the study. Each participant's hair was washed and the shed hair was counted. Researchers have observed a significant amount of hair growth in areas affected by hair loss in women who took protein supplements containing biotin. They stated that there was less hair loss.

What Are The Side Effects?

Biotin supplements can cause various side effects if taken in too much dosage. It can cause skin rash, digestive upset, insulin release, and kidney problems.


The factor that causes hair loss is the increase in the hormone Hydro Testosterone. Procapil, which contains hair vitamins, prevents this situation and prevents harmful substances from reaching the root. In this way, hair loss is prevented. The use of products containing Procapil supports the hair follicles without causing any disease. Users can rely on the product, which is one of the important vitamins.

What Are The Side Effects?

Studies have shown that Procapil has no side effects on sexual life and heart health. However, it has been determined that procapil used in hair care causes redness on the scalp. Experts warn that in case of allergy, the use of products containing procapil should be discontinued, as in other products.