How Does Itch After Hair Transplantation?

How Does Itch After Hair Transplantation?

Itching that occurs after hair transplantation is normal. If this itch does not bother you, you do not need to do anything. However, if itching bothers you a lot, we recommend that you consult your doctor as it will pose a risk for hair transplantation. Less exposure to sunlight, washing hair regularly, and staying away from dusty and hot environments can help reduce mild itching.

Is Itching After Hair Transplantation Normal?

Itching is quite normal, especially during the healing process. In addition, this situation can continue for up to three months. This situation is experienced in most patients. The most important thing that should not be done in cases of itching is not to scratch the hair transplant area. Because approximately the first 20 days is the holding period of the hair, during this time, you can remove the roots by scratching your hair.

However, if you have itching in the donor area from which your hair was taken, you can scratch that area. Just scratching that area is not a problem.

When Does Itch Occur After Hair Transplantation Gone?

Itching after the operation occurs in 14 days. The recovery period is usually the first 14 days, which is the most crucial reason for the emergence of these itching. After the two-week recovery period, itching is expected to decrease. Do not forget that there may be some itching after the two weeks have passed.