Health tourism and plantation is one point headed for Turkey. Cogra fi because of its location at the fore Turkey is a bridge connecting the Asian and European continents. More than 100 million passengers come to Istanbul airports every year. This position of Istanbul, Turkey has turned into a health tourism address. Hosting many cultures and the liveliness of the city also affect this location choice.

Hair Restoration in Turkey To take what should be done?

During this research process, you contacted hospitals or hair transplant centers. In your interviews, you should pay attention to the expertise and experience of the people who perform the operation. For operations that are not performed in the right hands, the consequences can be upsetting for you. Hair transplantation is an area which has seen successful results for Turkey. Another important point is the services it provides to you. You can evaluate details such as transportation, accommodation, package contents. Finally, you compared the prices according to the service quality you receive from the yacht. If the result turns out that for Turkey plantation, you've done a good research.

First of all, you should contact the hair transplant center online and get detailed information about your problem. Treatment methods should be planned individually and operations should be performed in line with your needs.

A preliminary evaluation is made by sending photos of your hair on online platforms through applications such as Whatsapp Messenger. At this point, a photo taken from the front or slightly above of the area where hair loss is observed and a photo showing the nape area should be taken. In this way, the average treatment to be followed and the number of grafts to be transplanted can be determined approximately. However, do not forget that these numbers, which will become clear as a result of detailed examinations, may change.

How Can I Make an Appointment?

A document describing this process should be sent to you by the hospital via mail or WhatsApp information line.

• You must send your final flight ticket to the authorities.

• Afterwards, your hotel reservation and hospital appointment are created.

• You will be transferred from the airport to your hotel by your preferred hair transplant branch.

• Detailed consultation and hair transplant operation is performed.

• Patients who will return abroad are delivered to the airport for return.