Hair loss in women

There are many conditions that can cause hair loss in women. Nutritional deficiency, hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, polycystic ovary syndrome, pregnancy, stress, hormones, and hair products that contain chemicals, weight loss diet and shock applications, tight hair styles, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy can be seen as the factors mainly the problem of hair loss in women.

Diseases that cause hair loss in women

Hair loss can be a common problem for both women and men. But there are many other factors that can be a factor in hair loss in women. Apart from genetic factors, ringworm on the scalp can be seen in factors such as psoriasis, inflammation of the hair follicle, seborrheic dermatitis, aging. In order to control the factors that can cause hair loss in women and to have a healthy scalp, various methods are applied. Successful results are achieved with natural methods and applications. Thus, an aesthetic and pleasant appearance can be achieved.

What is the effect of PRP method on hair?

The PRP method is a method applied to the problem of hair loss in women. The goal of this method is to stop hair loss using rich metals. It is a method that strengthens the hair strand to gain a healthy hair cycle. Tissue development is achieved in the area and damaged weak hair follicles are repaired. Strong healthy hair hair begins to grow.

PRP application 10 to 20 millimeter blood taken from the person is separated in special centrifugal devices and red cells are completely removed. Platelets or platelets, which play an important role in the repair of white cells and organisms, are injected into the balding area as a rich plasma material. Thus, tissue development occurs. Damaged weak hair follicles are repaired, making it possible to produce strong healthy hair. 

What Is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is the process of activating hair follicles so that hair follicles can grow for a healthy and long time. Hair PRP is a superior form of treatment compared to other classic drug treatments. It is a regionally used method applied with small doses. This method, which does not have a risk of side effects, provides a great advantage in this respect. In addition, the results of the process are successful. PRP applied for 4-10 sessions - the number of sessions is determined depending on the structure of the scalp and the level of visible hair.