Does PRP Treatment Prevent Hair Loss?

Does PRP Treatment Prevent Hair Loss?

PRP treatment is a successful method for hair loss, which is the main problem of many people. In this method, the blood taken from the patient is processed and injected into the patient's scalp. Thus, all hair follicles are fed. Hair follicles that are not fed enough and cannot grow due to not being fed continue to grow with this method.

During this procedure, a mixture of plasma and proteins is injected into the scalp. These are very effective for the growth of hair follicles.

Does PRP Treatment Have Any Risks?

As we mentioned before, in this procedure, the patient's own blood is processed and applied to the scalp. Since it does not contain any drugs or foreign substances, no side effects or allergies are expected.

Solutions with anesthetic effect are applied to the area, no pain occurs. Already, very small needles are used during the procedure.

How Many Sessions of Hair PRP Treatment Are Performed?

Although this treatment period may vary from person to person, it usually takes between 4-6 sessions. In more serious hair problems, this number goes up to 8. In addition, after the sessions are over, they should be repeated at least once a year for the effect to last.

When Does PRP Treatment Show Its Effect?

In general, the effect begins to be seen 2 months after the application.